japanese fusion Bar and Grill

Concord California

1950 Market St Unit-C, Concord Ca 94520  |  925.288.9239  |  Sushiraku@gmail.com

Sushi Raku Japanese Fusion Bar and Grill has received 2009 Best of the Bay Award and is one of the most exclusive Sushi restaurants in the Concord area. Our Sushi Chefs has trained for more than 30 years in Japan, South Korea, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, under two different sushi masters. We continues our path of tasty creation here at Sushi Raku, devel­oping unprece­dented, multi-cultural combi­na­tions using impec­cable knowl­edge of tech­nique, flavor, texture, and taste..


San Francisco bay area is a cultural melting, exposing our Sushi Chefs to ethnic cuisines from around the world. The unique tastes of various ethnic foods inspired us to incorporate those ingredients and spices into our sushi. In our unique sushi creations, guests find ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, Thai chili, jalapeños, truffle salts, micro-farmed greens, beets, and more. The talent of constructing and balancing the tastes of our dishes through layers and textures is unmatched by any other. 


Experience for yourself, the unique taste of Sushi Raku Japanese Fusion Bar and Grill.